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What can you hire Shannon to do?

date Date: Jan 30th, 2009

I find it somewhat awkward to adopt the 3rd person, but so that this is as useful a document as possible, I will after this short note.

Types of engagements

  1. Evaluations. In the past investors have engaged Shannon to evaluate specific technologies, companies and business sectors. His evaluations range from rapid overviews of the current state of a market and feedback on a business, to source code level reviews and in depth interviews to evaluate the capabilities of new technology. Large corporations have engaged Shannon to evaluate potential vendors, a process which starts with an in depth evaluation of the business requirements and capabilities, assists in identifying potential vendors, and then included participating in the vendor presentations and evaluation process.
  2. Facilitation. Shannon has been working in and holding events in Open Space for over a decade. He has organized and facilitated conferences and events ranging from three day academic & business conferences to Open Space BarCamp conferences which he facilitated. In 2007 he created the MeshWalk format of conferences. MeshWalks are a conference held in motion, mostly outside. The process creates an environment which facilitates conversations and rich interactions among all participants. 
  3. Business Brainstorming. In a rapid process Shannon helps business leaders brainstorm and explore opportunities and business decisions. Shannon both helps explore the existing resources available to a business – whether an early stage startup or a Fortune 500 firm – and he brings a widespread and interdisciplinary knowledge of research, startups and in many cases competitors to help inform the brainstorming process. Where necessary and valuable, Shannon also has a wide network of experts and consultants he can bring into an engagement as needed to explore specific industries in depth. 
  4. Writing. Shannon has been an active and prolific blogger since 2002, both on his own websites and as a guest blogger on other sites. Since 2006 he has been a frequent contributor to Centernetworks one of the leading blogs covering Web 2.0. While he prefers to write for public consumption, he is available to write non-public analyses or other works. 
  5. Speaking. Shannon is available as a speaker or panelist. He has spoken and presented at a number of conferences and events and has been a panelist at many others. 
  6. Other engagements. Shannon has a deep technical background and has managed projects and teams of developers across the globe. He is occasionally available to help architect technology projects and to manage technical development. In a few cases Shannon has agreed to serve as a board member for a startup and has occasionally served on advisory boards.

What does it cost & how does Shannon prefer to work with clients?

Specific rates depend on the type of engagement and project scope, but in general Shannon prefers to work on a project basis, plus expenses if significant travel is required. For shorter projects a day rate will be negotiated. Typically for every day of an event which Shannon facilitates another day is required ahead of time on the preparation and planning and at least one day should be set aside for after the event evaluations and follow ups.

tagOne Response to “What can you hire Shannon to do?”

  1. Mark Layder Said,

    Hello Shannon I stumbled over you after a Google search for Business Designers.

    Would be good to correspond and exchange ideas perhaps. We’ve started using the Business Design banner, but in a more literal way perhaps.

    We kept finding business owners who were just busy all the time and where the business ran them, rather than them running the business.

    We came up with the line … “You can’t market a business that doesn’t exist yet”. As such it led us on a path to provide a blow by blow, step by step business design programme … built around the business owner’s unique business personality.

    It seems to be unique. A step by step track to run on where the full vision of the business actually gets built. You can see a couple of samples at, go to the YouTube page and the Simple Plan Intro is on there.

    We started from the position of a No Selling for Non Sales People model which quickly grew into the 39 Simple Steps of the Simple Plan.

    Maybe it’s time to consider the proverbial Association for Business Designers. We are also forming the Society of Deal Makers with some Accountants and Project Managers as a key resource people need … particularly over here in the UK.

    Get in touch … might be fun to explore possibilities.

    Enjoy Real QoL!

    Mark Layder

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