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date Date: Jan 26th, 2010

My many followers on Twitter know that I am a serious foodie and chef. Most weekends I shop at local SF farmers markets and for years I have “collected” great restaurants – my friend often turn to me for restaurant suggestions and recommendations.

While in Chicago I was an early and active participant on Chowhound and then with a group of fellow Chicago based foodies was one of the early members of LTHForum.

My father has had a 40+ year career in the food industry. His PhD in Chemical Engineering was given for his invention of a new form of freeze drying (for which he also got a patent). When I was born he was a tenured professor, he left academia to head up R&D for a baking company (which owned Hostess Foods at that time – so yes, he was responsible for a time for the formulation of Wonder Bread and the shelf life of Twinkies). He then joined an engineering firm (and moved us to Chicago) where he spent the next decade designing food processes and factories around the world. For the past decade he has been an independent consultant and author working globally to design new food processes & factories.

My brother-in-law is a former NY Times restaurant critic and bestselling cookbook author.

So while I take food very seriously and have grown up around the food industry, I am also very much the amateur in my family.

But a serious one. I’ve been known to cater brunch for 40 people with 24hrs notice and at least once a month I try to hold a dinner party for my friends.  I’ve documented much of my cooking on my personal blog over the years and much of my personal writing about restaurants.

I am also the author of a guide to where to eat and drink around the Moscone Center in San Francisco which many conference attendees (and locals) have found useful.

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