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MeshWalk SF in SF – late summer/early fall 2008

author Posted by: ShannonBlogPosts on date Jul 1st, 2008 | filed Filed under: my Blogs

I am in the very, very early stages of planning the next MeshWalk. My current thought is to hold a MeshWalk SF in SF in the late summer or very early fall. The theme would be Science Fiction in SF.

Tentatively the plan would be to invite a number of science fiction and fantasy authors (and perhaps directors, writers and stars) to join a full day MeshWalk which would roam throughout San Francisco. We would visit, in a true MeshWalk fashion via a bit of a ramble, a number of locations which figured in the works they created and/or which inspired their stories. As we walked and stopped at various locations we would, as a group, film some of our conversations, with the tentative goal of creating a DVD like collection of works (i.e. extras and commentary) about the relationship of place and creative works.

In addition we might stop at place such as the Long Now Foundation, the Burning Man offices, science fiction bookstores such as Borderlands Books, local SF & Fantasy presses, geek & SF inspired area bars & nightclubs and more.

Most likely our plans would include the renting of one or more buses (perhaps Trolleys) to get us across major parts of the city so we can range father and wider than in some MeshWalks (and so the walk would be as accessible as possible, though still plan on walking 5+ miles over the course of the day).

Ideally the MeshWalk will also include breakfast, lunch (at some suitable locations) and would close with drinks and appetizers. And given the theme we would definiely include a few stops at one or more bookstores and would allow time to get signatures from the authors and creators on the MeshWalk.

Hopefully as plans come together I’ll have a few sponsors to announce to offset some (or pehraps all) of the costs of this MeshWalk. I’m also going to be trying to arrange for some very notable stops and participants (think of the two major Bay Area film studios whom I might approach… hint here at the Presideo and across the Bay….)

With enough advance planning and the right date it is quite possible this could be the biggest MeshWalk yet. Our plan and route would be designed so that we have many opportunities to mingle and talk and lots of chances to rotate from group to group so everyone would have a chance to meet and talk with the invited guests.

If you would be interested in participating, sponsoring, or helping out as a volunteer (any MeshWalk takes a lot of volunteers to pull off) please either leave a comment here or email me at Shannon DOT Clark AT gmail DOT com (substitute as appropriate).