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MeshWalk Seattle – post-Gnomedex & Bags details

author Posted by: ShannonBlogPosts on date Aug 11th, 2007 | filed Filed under: my Blogs

Details for where we will meet and how to get a MeshForum bag.

We will meet at 8:30AM in front of the 1st Starbucks which is at Pike’s Place Market. There are many parking lots near Pike’s Place Market and it is near most of the hotels for Gnomedex.

Besides picking up coffee at Starbucks we will also have a chance to get fresh fruit from market stalls or fresh baked pastries from nearby stores.

Our route for the morning MeshWalk will take us through Belltown, Downtown and Pioneer Square. For brunch we are looking at a number of options – if you have suggestions please leave a comment or find me today or tomorrow -we’ll need an estimate of how many people we’ll be and probably given this size of a group we’ll need to make a reservation. My plan is to find a place that will do a fixed price brunch for us, ideally <$20 a person (perhaps $25 with tax & tip).

Our plan is to stop walking by about 11;30AM and end brunch by 1 to 1:30pm so people can go to the unGnomeCamp.


If you want a MeshForum bag, as pictured beside me from the MeshWalk Palo Alto leave your name here. The bags cost MeshForum about $7 this run if you would like one please ask – if you can donate something for it, fantastic. I have 20 bags with me here in Seattle.