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Thanks for a great event!

author Posted by: ShannonBlogPosts on date Jul 26th, 2007 | filed Filed under: my Blogs

More thanks to come, but a quick note thanking everyone who participated in the MeshWalk Palo Alto today.

First and foremost, thanks to Mohr Davidow Ventures for their sponsorship, active support and participation during the day and of course for the great hats and pens!

Thanks to Silicon Valley Bank for the wine at the closing party and for participating during the day and at the closing reception.

Thanks to SocialText and to Edgeio/SoftTechVC for hosting us for lunch! Really appreciate your opening up space for us. I hope many Palo Alto based entrepreneurs participate in SocialText’s coworking space!

Major thanks to Jason Fang and Jackie Crespo. Both are recent Stanford grads and in their summer while working and being still in school they volunteered for the MeshWalk. Without their assistance and major efforts the amazing food, space on the Stanford Campus, bus, and bags would not have been possible.

Also thanks to the three entering college freshmen who volunteered and assisted over the course of the day, hopefully they all learned a great deal and again, their help was greatly appreciated.

Most of all thanks to everyone who attended and participated. We handed out nearly 100 MeshForum bags over the course of the day. Thanks especially to the great group of angel investors who joined us in the morning, to the vc’s and entrepreneurs who joined us in the afternoon, and of course to the 75+ people who in most cases spent the day with us on the MeshWalk!

A few reminders, as you blog and post your photos from the MeshWalk please use the tag “MeshWalk”. We will be announcing some tools for MeshWalk participants to use to continue the conversations online.

thanks again!


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