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MeshWalk Seattle – August 12th, after Gnomedex

author Posted by: ShannonBlogPosts on date Jul 19th, 2007 | filed Filed under: my Blogs

The first MeshWalk was held the Sunday after Gnomedex in 2006.

This year a second MeshWalk Seattle will be held on Sunday, August 12th in Seattle. As with last year, the theme for this MeshWalk will be both our takeaways (for those who attended) from Gnomedex and how we can each help each other with our projects and follow up activities.

We will gather in the morning at the 1st Starbucks in Pike’s Place Market. Between 8:30 and 9:00Am, we’ll get coffee and a light breakfast from the market, introduce ourselves and select our path through Seattle.

As with last year, we will plan on a group brunch near midday, then will return to our cars and hotels (and for many of us, check out and shuttles to the airport to return home).

More details will be posted soon, if you are interested in participating leave a comment here along with any suggestions for path or stops along the way (remembering it will be a Sunday morning).

As a reminder, like any MeshWalk, this will be a walk, so leave the laptops and heavy bags behind, wear comfortable walking shoes, and please do bring your cameras, video or still and audio recording tools, as we walk through the city we will also assemble as a group a collection of photos, video clips and audio snapshots of our conversations, observations and thoughts.

Please also feel free to blog about MeshWalks and link back to this site (

If your company would be interested in sponsoring the MeshWalk in Seattle, please do contact me, but consider first sponsoring Gnomedex.

Also, if you are on Facebook, join the MeshWalk group there to chat with other MeshWalkers and coordinate.

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