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MeshWalk Palo Alto – a few of the investors and entrepreneurs attending

author Posted by: ShannonBlogPosts on date Jul 13th, 2007 | filed Filed under: my Blogs

The MeshWalk in Palo Alto on July 25th will bring together an amazing group of entrepreneurs and investors. Here are a few of the people who have agreed to join the MeshWalk over the course of the day.

In the morning as we walk on the campus of Stanford University we will be joined by the following:

Mehdi Maghsoodnia (CafePress)

Konstantin Othmer (Core Mobility)

Mike Maples (Maples Investments)

Chris Yeh (CEO of

Jeff Clavier (SoftTechVC)

Trevor Blackwell (Anybots, Y-Combinator)

Tuff Yen (Seraph Group)

Laurie Lumenti Garty (Silicon Valley Bank Emerging Technologies)

For lunch we will walk to downtown Palo Alto where SocialText, Edgeio and SoftTechVC will host us for lunch at their offices on High St. We will see SocialText’s co-working space and have lunch in Edgeio’s 2nd floor outdoor courtyard across the street.

After lunch we will head down Sand Hill Road to the complex where Mohr Davidow Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank have their offices. There we will be joined by:

Katherine Barr, David Feinleib, Sven Strohband, and Rohit Sharma who are Partners at Mohr Davidow Ventures
Rob Hayes, Partner at First Round Capital

Shai Goldman, SVB Capital

Sean Dempsey, Pricipal at Google Corporate Development

Benjamin Wayne, CEO and founder of Fliqz

David Weekly, founder of PBWiki

Donna Novitsky, CEO of BigTent, former Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures

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