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MeshWalk Palo Alto July 25th – request an invitation today!

author Posted by: ShannonBlogPosts on date Jun 28th, 2007 | filed Filed under: my Blogs

MeshWalk Palo Alto on the theme of Entrepreneurship will be July 25th. Over the course of the day about 100 selected entrepreneurs will walk through Palo Alto and Sand Hill Road, meeting with investors and fellow founders and discussing the process of starting and funding a company.

Our day will start on the Stanford Campus, outside Mitchell, where we will have breakfast, get introduced to each other, and then spend the morning in conversations with a number of local Angel investors.

We will head down to Palo Alto for lunch, hosted by SocialText and across the street in the 2nd floor courtyard of Edgeio and SofttechVC.

After lunch we will board buses to take us down Sand Hill Road to the complex which houses Mohr Davidow Ventures (main sponsor of this MeshWalk) and Silicon Valley Bank (another sponsor). There we will be joined by a number of other early stage venture capitalists as well as some of their portfolio firms. We will have an afternoon snack after which we will also be joined by some later stage investors and people who have been involved in the exit process (acquisition and going public).

And finally we will end the day with a party. Details on the party to be posted shortly.

If you are interested in attending please fill out the request an invitation to MeshWalk Palo Alto form. Participation is by invitation only and will include a small fee ($25) which includes parking, meals and more.

We will be walking on the MeshWalk, so participants should plan on leaving laptops & bags behind (everyone will get a bag at registration). But please do bring cameras to capture the day.

And one final note, no pitching. The MeshWalk is a chance to learn from fellow founders and investors about the process and the challenges of starting and growing a company, as such our conversations will be about everything except our current, specific ventures.

Request an invite to the MeshWalk today!