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Draft schedule for MeshForum 2007

author Posted by: Shannon on date Oct 18th, 2006 | filed Filed under: my Blogs

As a further refinement of the format for MeshForum we are considering the following schedule for MeshForum 2007. Feedback and nominations for the speaking slots and workshops are greatly appreciated.

Possible dates are May 15-17, May 21 or 22nd – 23rd or 24th, or over Memorial Day weekend (May 26-28) or May 29-31st. Since Sunbelt this year is in Greece at the beginning of May we are primarily considering the dates on or after May 21st.

In past years the format for MeshForum has been two full days of a single track of sessions followed by a full day in Open Space, with group lunches and dinners. When possible we have had an opening night reception the night before our first sessions.

For 2007 I am proposing the following alternative schedule. This schedule has 8-9 full session slots (~45 min presentations with 15-20 min of Q&A), 8 Interstitial slots (5-15 min presentations) and three lunch workshops, as well as 6 hours of open space in three 2 hour blocks. We would still have group breakfasts, lunches, opening reception and at least one group dinner, possibly two. After dinner we would try to provide space for further conversations.

The proposed schedule is:

Registration opens late afternoon at conference hotel/registration (if at a retreat center)
Opening night reception at 7pm w/wine, locally sourced cheeses and food

First Day:

8:30 AM – breakfast and registration open
9:00 AM – opening remarks by Shannon Clark
9:30 AM – opening keynote presentation (1 hr)
10:30 AM – morning break
10:45 AM – First Interstitial
11:00 AM – second full session
Noon – First lunch workshop
1:30 PM – First Open Space
3:30 PM – Second Interstitial
3:45 PM – Afternoon Break
4:00 PM – Third full session
5:00 PM – Third Interstitial
5:30 PM – break/transit to group dinner
6:00 PM – group dinner followed by open conversations

Second Day:

8:30 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Fourth Full session
10:00 AM – Fourth Interstitial
10:15 AM – Morning Break
10:30 AM- Fifth Full session
11:30 AM – Fifth Interstitial
Noon – Second Lunch workshop
1:30 PM – Second Open Space session (2 hours)
3:30 PM – Sixth Interstitial
3:45 PM – Afternoon break
4:00 PM – Sixth Full Session
5:30 PM – break for group dinner
6:00 PM – group dinner followed by open conversations

Third Day

8:30 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Seventh Interstitial
9:30 AM – Seventh Full session
10:30 AM – Morning Break
10:45 AM – Eighth Interstitial
11:00 AM – Eighth Full Session
Noon – Third lunch workshop
1:30 PM – Third Open Space workshop – focused on our follow up actions
3:30 PM – Closing remarks
4:00 PM – MeshForum 2007 ends

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