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Visualizing Organizations: A Video Demonstration

author Posted by: jackvinson on date Aug 7th, 2006 | filed Filed under: my Blogs

Accenture has an interesting video / slide show that demonstrates how SNA could be used to help organizations.  Visualizing Organizations: A Video Demonstration:

Imagine that you could represent an organization as a dynamic organism, with individuals being nodes in a network, with the links between individuals representing the interactions, the transactions, the exchanges through which work actually gets done.

Researchers at The Accenture Institute for High Performance Business are developing just such a tool. The technology makes it possible to see informal organizational networks and observe the channels through which work actually gets done … in real time.

How can leaders benefit from the ability to monitor change? This comprehensive seven-minute presentation provides a demonstration, overview and example of The Accenture Visualizing Organizations Initiative.

[found via Bruce Hoppe at Connectedness.]

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